The queErLON blog belongs to Elon University’s LGBTQ Center. Ross Wade, as a representative of the Elon LGBTQ Center, initiated this blog as a part of the center’s goal to share the stories of Elon’s LGBTQ and ally fac/staff/students. The beginning of this blog started with the email below:

Elon needs a change. Elon needs our help.

Don’t get me wrong…Elon has been very good to me (this is the best job I’ve ever had)…but, as far as “diversity”, I feel Elon has a long way to go. I don’t really consider myself an “activist” (I’ve been too terrified to speak up many times) …but I do have an idea of how to change things. Change starts with the telling of stories. Real stories. Before folks can understand a movement or a cause, they need to understand (and care about) the people connected to that cause.

So…here’s my idea. Let’s tell Elon our queer and ally stories. Faculty, staff, and students…all of us.

What we have to say matters.

I’d like to share our stories and research on the queErLON blog. Below is a list of topics I’d like to highlight:

  1. Coming out stories.
  2. Being queer (or an ally) and working/going to school at Elon stories.
  3. Faculty, staff, and student research focused on queer issues (I can post a brief abstract, linking to your paper).
  4. Frustrations, questions, concerns, etc.  about being queer (in general) or being queer at Elon.
  5. Questions/concerns about how Elon is dealing with this issue on campus. What does Elon need? What needs to happen? How can Elon help? Remember to focus on solutions.
  6. Great queer resources and communities that have been meaningful to you.
  7. Advice for other queer Elon fac/staff/students on campus.
  8. Ally stories.
  9. Documentation of the start of Elon’s (very first!)LGBTQ Office.
  10. All the great things Spectrum is doing.

I want to hear your voice. I want Elon’s campus (everyone) to hear your voice.

Here’s the proposed protocol:

  1. Write your story. Write about your research. Remember provide ideas and possible solutions.
  2. Submit supporting resources, research, links, etc.
  3. Submit an image, graphic, or video. I want each post to have video or a graphic.
  4. Yes…videos are fine. I’m all about vlogging. Try to keep it to 2 minutes maximum.
  5. Send it to me (rwade2@elon.edu) to edit/review.
  6. If it meets the criteria above it gets posted (we should probably collaborate, form a committee or something, to create the official rules of what we deem ethical and meaningful to post).

I dislike asking of others, what I have not done myself. Click here to read my story posted on the queErLON blog.

My goal is to have 10 posts on the blog and then send a fac/staff email sharing the blog link at the start of the spring semester. All submissions are to be turned in by 1/1/2012 (Happy New Year!). Ideally I’d like to update the blog a couple of times a month after the launch.

Remember that this is our opportunity to create positive change at a university that is open to positive change. Focus on real, tangible solutions Elon can use. Be honest and tell your story/share your research.

Please participate.

It. Is. On!


PS – forward this email to anyone that can contribute (queer + ally staff, faculty, classmates, friends, alumni)!


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